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Plumbing Services in High Point, NC

Plumbing Services in High Point, NC

Plumbing may not be something you think of every day, but you’ll notice the inconvenience when something goes wrong. Toilets, showers, sinks and other appliances are essential in daily life. Consistent maintenance routines and timely repairs can keep any plumbing issues from becoming a significant — and costly — disaster.

Whether you’re looking for general maintenance to keep your plumbing in the best condition or you’re facing a large-scale repair or replacement, you need a plumbing crew with advanced expertise and excellent customer service — like our dedicated team at Enduric Plumbing Services. When you need a professional plumber in the High Point area, Enduric Plumbing Services is here to help with our extensive expertise.

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Plumbing Repair Services for High Point, NC, Residents

Residential homes and commercial businesses alike need quality, dependable plumbing. That’s why finding a reliable, honest and professional plumbing team is crucial. From minor repairs to major projects or installations, Enduric Plumbic Services is proud to serve our High Point community. 

Bathroom Plumbing in High Point

Any aspect of your bathroom that doesn’t work correctly can throw off your daily routine. Bathrooms are high-traffic areas — especially in multi-resident households and businesses. Even seemingly minor issues like clogged drains and leaky faucets can make more of an impact than you may think. 

To maintain a high-functioning bathroom, reach out to our High Point plumbers for any of our bathroom plumbing services.

  • Fixture repairs: We’ll replace or repair any worn-down, old or broken sink or bathtub fixtures.
  • Drain cleaning: Let us clean and inspect your drains to ensure they are at their best.
  • Remodels: Sometimes, your bathroom needs a fresh start. Whether you’re updating your bathroom for style or function, we are ready to help throughout the entire remodeling process.

Broken Pipe Repair in High Point

A broken pipe is a severe and costly issue property owners may face. Pipes can break due to clogs, tree root intrusion or freezing temperatures that cause the pipe to burst. Fixing broken pipes as soon as possible is crucial. If you ignore the problem, mold growth or additional damage may occur. 

As soon as you notice a broken pipe, take the following steps:

  1. Turn off the water.
  2. Shut off electricity in the affected room or rooms for safety purposes.
  3. Remove any valuables to avoid further damage.
  4. Call Enduric Plumbing for proper pipe restoration.

Drain Cleaning Services in High Point

Everyday activities like showering, cooking and washing clothes or dishes can lead to clogged drains. Substances like oil, grease, hair and soap scum can all cause a blockage in your drains. Of course, keeping all these items away from your plumbing fixtures is impossible, so proper cleaning and maintenance is the best way to avoid overflowing sinks or toilets, bursting pipes or other negative consequences of clogged drains. 

When your High Point home or business needs drain cleaning, call Enduric Plumbing Services and choose from our various drain cleaning services. We’ll start with a thorough inspection to identify problem areas and ensure your drains receive the proper treatment.

Drain Cleaning Services in High Point

Sewer Line Services in High Point

Sewer lines carry waste away from your property. Often, property owners only think about their sewer lines when an issue occurs. To avoid backups or damage to your High Point property caused by low-functioning or worn-down sewer lines, request professional sewer line maintenance from Enduric Plumbing. 

Proper sewer line maintenance in High Point provides several benefits.

  • Eliminating foul odors: When blocked waste accumulates, an unpleasant smell will develop and continue to linger until you have the line cleaned and fixed. 
  • Quicker drainage speeds: Clean drains help waste flow smoothly through the line, which increases drainage speeds and prevents clogs.
  • Leak prevention: Identifying and repairing any leaks or cracks in your sewer line is easy with frequent cleaning and maintenance. Tiny leaks or cracks can escalate into big issues when you don’t have the line checked. 

Water Heater Installation in High Point

Water heaters are essential to homes and businesses. These appliances provide warm water for showering, doing laundry and washing dishes. 

Like sewer lines, water heaters are an often-overlooked aspect of maintenance. Water heaters experience continuous use, which can lead to leaking, burning or other issues that can impact their functionality. 

You may need a water heater repair or a new water heater altogether if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Varying or decreased water temperature 
  • Strange noises coming from the water heater
  • Low water pressure
  • Leaks
  • Discolored water
  • Water has an unusual smell
  • Higher-than-usual energy bills

Water Softener Installation in High Point

When you use water, you expect it to be free of bacteria or other harmful substances. Water softeners and filtration systems protect your well-being by ensuring your water is clean and safe.

Filtration systems remove impurities like chlorine, sulfur, calcium, odors and sediment. Meanwhile, water softener systems use two separate filtration processes — prefiltration and osmosis — for a more thorough cleaning process. 

The prefiltration process is similar to a typical filtration system, removing sediment and other unwanted particles from the water. During osmosis, the water passes through a semipermeable membrane, which filters out any tiny particles that made it through the first round of filtration. 

At Enduric Plumbing, we prioritize keeping your water safe. We offer standard filtration and water softener system installation to homes or businesses in the High Point area. We’ll walk you through the different options to ensure you have the best filtration system for you.

High Point

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You can’t predict when a plumbing emergency may occur, so having a reliable and experienced plumbing team ready to help you and your High Point property’s needs is crucial. At Enduric Plumbing Services, our expert team members pride ourselves on supporting our neighbors in the High Point community.

Our full-service company provides quality repairs to commercial and residential properties. From broken pipes to drain cleaning, when you schedule a call with one of our techs, you can always expect friendly, professional work with upfront pricing.

When you need plumbing in the High Point area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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