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Medical Centers

Commercial Plumbing Services for Medical Centers

Plaster Traps

  • Predominantly found in dental and orthopedic offices, plaster traps keep drains from clogging up with the plaster that gets washed down the drain. The trap allows for the washed down plaster to sink to the bottom while the water continues to flow freely. These devices are typically disposable and can be replaced easily after being installed. These installs are typically simple and prevent more costly repairs and services in the future.

Vacuum/Suction Lines

  • Suction and vacuum lines can serve many purposes in the medical field. In dental offices the suction is used primarily in conjunction with spit traps to filter the fluid coming through them to prevent blockages in the suction line. In medical centers, suction can be used for many procedures and can be vital for day to day operations. We can install and repair plumbing systems that will prevent down time to the system giving you more confidence in your equipment.

Equipment filtration

  • Medical equipment can be extremely sensitive to contaminants. Filtration systems can prevent contaminants from entering the equipment and causing costly damage. Sediment filters and reverse osmosis purifiers can be added to the system to protect expensive equipment from damage. Different plumbing systems have different filtration needs, contact our office to schedule a consultation with a technician to assess your filtration needs.

Medical fixtures

  • Medical units have some unique fixture needs. Medical specific fixtures such as anti ligature fixtures and pedal operated fixtures install in a similar fashion to most other fixtures with a few differences. Motion sensing fixtures are commonly found in medical settings as well, as they reduce the amount of contaminated surfaces. Whatever your fixture needs are we can assist you with the installation, repair, or replacement.
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