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Water Softener Filtration Systems

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Clean water is essential for drinking, bathing, and many other reasons in and around your household or property. Hard or contaminated water can contain irritants, allergens and other particles that make water unfit for use. If you have this type of water in your area, installing a water filtration system is one of the most important parts of preparing a building for use.

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If you are concerned about the cleanliness or safety of your water, our technicians can help by providing you with options of water softeners and filtration systems that will work for your specific needs.

Our Water Filtration Systems

Enduric Plumbing Services is always prepared to help you build a better water system. Our experienced water softener technicians can evaluate your property’s current system and adjust it as needed. A popular system we use is a reverse osmosis (RO) system. This low maintenance system ensures that you receive fresh, purified drinking water straight from the tap by balancing water acidity and removing the following:

  • Calcium (eliminate water spots and build up, pipe scaling)
  • Toxic sulfur and arsenic
  • Chlorine and fluoride
  • Hardness and sediment
  • Iron and manganese
  • Anaerobic bacteria
  • Water odors
  • General water impurities

How Does the RO System Work?

An RO system sends your water through two levels of filtration — prefiltration and reverse osmosis. Prefiltration removes sediment and particles that could shorten the lifespan of the semipermeable reverse osmosis membrane. Then, the prefiltered water is forced through the RO membrane using pressure. The RO membrane is more sensitive and can remove even the smallest particles from the water. The resulting pure water waits in a storage tank until you’re ready to use it.

Drinking water goes through a final postfilter to ensure it’s the highest quality possible when you consume it. RO systems are most important for cleaning your drinking water and softening water for cleaning purposes. It’s also an excellent choice for businesses, as RO systems can remove industrial contaminants from the water supply. They may also be helpful with:

  • Well water systems
  • Aquariums
  • RV water systems
  • Hydroponic farming

Any leftover water that doesn’t make it through the RO membrane is called the brine, and it’s sent away with wastewater. Typically, producing a gallon of pure water creates about four gallons of brine. Still, RO systems are incredibly environmentally conscious and require little long-term maintenance.

How Sustainable Are RO Systems?

If the RO system filters out so much water, how can it be environmentally friendly? Well, the wastewater isn’t “wasted.” Instead, it’s used to help filter water before it reaches the prefilter area, similar to the way a dishwasher or laundry machine works. Since ROs don’t introduce any chemicals into the water to treat it, the brine contributes to the hydrologic cycle by diluting any chemicals going through the water system.

Having an RO system in your home means that your tap water goes through the same filtration process as bottled water, so you can stop buying these products and use your home’s water in their place. As a result, this system helps you reduce the amount of plastic you use, too!

Water Softener System Maintenance

Most of the time, you can simply forget about your RO system as it does its job. However, the filters will need occasional replacing. Prefilters and postfilters should be changed about once a year, and the RO membrane can last up to four years. When the time comes, Enduric can replace your filters properly and ensure your system is sanitary and ready to keep working for a long time to come.

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A high-quality RO system that’s properly maintained can last for over a decade. To ensure you’re getting the best option installed by an expert, choose Enduric Plumbing Services for water filtration system installation. We prioritize our customer service, and upfront pricing makes it easy for you to choose us for all of your plumbing needs.

Whether you are looking to have a water softener and filtration system installed or need maintenance on your current system, our team has the tools and experience to make sure your water is properly filtered and free of impurities, odors and contaminants. A dedicated technician will come out to your home to evaluate the job, determine optimal solutions and provide an upfront quote. Contact us today for more information about our water softener system services.

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