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Private Utility Plumbing Services

Private Utility Services in North Carolina

Enduric Plumbing Services is your solution to any plumbing concerns you have on your property. From homeowners to HOAs to property managers, we’ve worked with all kinds of people in need of plumbing repairs and replacements and gained many satisfied customers. 

Even as an experienced landlord, you should consider hiring a professional company for most plumbing-related services. Our plumbers have the necessary certifications to safely fix your plumbing issues. Let us take the difficult repairs and installations out of your hands and take on the liabilities so you don’t have to.

Our team takes pride in our effective solutions and top-notch customer service. We know that professionalism and cleanliness are essential in maintaining a good working relationship, and we do everything we can to meet that standard. Our pricing is upfront, and we’re a licensed, bonded and insured company, so once you call us, you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

What Are Utility Lines?

Utility lines are pipes, cables and other equipment used to distribute services such as water, sewer, electricity, communication, fuel and other items. Enduric has the tools needed for these sometimes temperamental lines, including specialized video cameras that can navigate small areas and determine what services are needed before we access the line.

Public Vs. Private:

Public utility lines are owned and maintained by the utility company up to the service ending point. The service ending point can be the property line or the meter and is determined by each public utility company. The utility lines that run past where the public utility lines end are considered to be private utilities. Private utilities are owned and maintained by the property owner or property management company.

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What Private Utility Plumbing Services Do We Provide?

Enduric Plumbing’s private utility services cover everything involved with your property and the surrounding area’s water supply. Our solutions include:

  • Fire hydrant installation, repair and replacement: We understand the need for a properly installed and maintained fire hydrant to protect the surrounding community. That’s why we stay up to date on requirements and adjust our efforts accordingly.
  • Water line installation, repair and replacement in Winston Salem, NC: If your water bills have been climbing in price or you notice your water supply becoming discolored, it may be beneficial to look into water line repair. Or, if you’re moving into an older property and you’re unsure when the pipes were last replaced, call Enduric Plumbing so we can make sure your new space is ready to provide years of service.
  • Sewer line installation, repair and replacement in Winston Salem, NC: Sewer line maintenance is important because these pipes tend to break down over time. If you notice a sewer smell around your property or get complaints of sewer backups, contact Enduric immediately. Waiting to fix a sewer line can make the damage much more significant.
  • Backflow devices installation, repair and replacement: Backflow devices are what keep the clean water supply coming onto your property from being contaminated by the wastewater supply leaving your property. Maintaining this device allows you to have clean water for drinking, washing laundry and showering.
  • Irrigation feed water lines installation, repair and replacement: Farming operations require a constant supply of water. Even a small interruption can disrupt the season. We’ll help you get back to work as soon as possible whenever there’s an issue with your water lines.
  • Sewer inspections and videos: If you’re unsure if your sewer system needs service, schedule a video inspection! If we end up having to complete repairs, the video consultation is free.
  • Private gas mains: Keep yourself, loved ones, tenants and the surrounding community safe by ensuring your gas mains are up to code and getting expedited service any time there’s a concern.
  • Erosion control: We can make sure your lines stay covered or get fully recovered after service or an unexpected event.
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Commercial Utility Service Contractors Serving the Triad

Enduric is your locally owned and managed commercial plumbing company serving Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville and surrounding areas. Our customers’ satisfaction is what has kept us going for years, and we’re excited to add your company to our list. We’ll send a qualified technician to evaluate the project and provide a quote upfront. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your business today.

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